Atlas Excavating Ltd. is a family run business serving Greater Victoria. Centrally located in the Rockland area, we are always available to visit your location in-person, and consult on your project… big or small.

We are committed to providing a quality service, in time and on budget—whether we’re completing your building site preparation, digging a trench, demolishing a garage or creating your dream landscaping!

David and Lucas Van Egmond, our father and son team, believe in doing the job right, satisfied customers and long-term business relationships. 

We are safety conscious and our equipment is always well maintained.

With smaller scale performance equipment, we have greater versatility, and are able to access areas unavailable to oversize machinery—handling most jobs, big and small!

Our Equipment Uses Driveway-Friendly
Rubber Tracks

To protect our customers property, we outfitted our mini excavator and all-terrain loader with rubber tracks that are driveway-friendly and are low impact at the job site. The traditionall metal tracks are known to cause damage to asphalt and driveways.

Our concrete breaker attachment makes quick work of breaking and removing concrete slabs, asphalt, rocks and retaining walls. Both our mini excavator and the loader can be easily equipped with this attatchment. 


Our equipment enables us to work in areas with limited accessibility and maneuvering space—making it possible to offer landscaping services in both raw and established landscaped properties. We offer a reliable service at competitive prices.

Site clearing, material/debris disposal & recycling, water management, foundation excavation, in-ground pool preparation, small-scale road access, back-filling, excavating ponds, hauling gravel and landscape materials, trenching, backfilling, digging ditches, clearing and maintaining existing ditches, driveway installation and improvement, leveling and grading, breaking up cement, asphalt and rock, compacting, lot clearing, for building or development, stump removal, selective clearing, landscaping, topsoil and gravel, preparation for drainage systems and septic systems, demolition and snow removal.

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Site and Building Prep Services


Driveway Install & Improvement

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Landscape Excavation

Topsoil & Gravel

Drains & Septic Systems

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Snow Removal

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